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Q Dripper

The Q Dripper is the first ever coffee pour over designed and produced in the region and launched for the first time in Dubai as an initiative of The Q Lab.

As part of the Dubai Roadmap, The Q dripper will be produced using 3D printing technologies and therefore will be manufactured in Dubai.

The Q Dripper will also be produced in ceramic version in collaboration with local ceramic studios.

Designed and Produced by Dubai based design firm INDEX Design and designer Tariq Almadani and Industrial Designer Arash Afrasiabi, the Q Dripper will be the first coffee pour over tool to be designed and produced in the Arab World linking back the heritage of coffee back to its roots in the Arabian Peninsula.

Interior architect and CEO of INDEX Design said:

"We have studied many brewing tools and methods before reaching to the final design. It was important for us to produce a unique design and one that is functioned. Industrial designer Arash added" functionality of the dripper was very important so that coffee enthusiasts can enjoy their coffee being brewed on the Q dripper. The design was made to ensure that a consistent, flavorful, and balanced coffee will be brewed using the Q dripper. Many factors were considered to allow for the coffee to flow through the dripper and procedure the best coffee taste and the right extraction giving the coffee grounds the adequate space and then continue to drip as per the expected ratios".

Anas Almadani founder of The Q Lab said that the Q Dripper is designed to resemble an Arabic Coffee Cup, connecting the local cultural element to new methods of brewing coffee and using 3d printing to have it produced.

"I belive that this initiative and innovation will encourage many coffee enthusiasts to share their creative ideas and develop new coffee tools through the use of 3D printing. We are proud that the UAE is paving the way globally for such initiatives."

The Q Dripper has been launched for the first time at the World of Coffee Dubai and will be available for commercial production in the next 3 months.

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