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The Coffee Beans

  • Ethically sourced rare coffee beans from the best coffee estates around the world.
  • Exclusive coffees won through global auctions.
  • Blends made from single origin specialty graded coffees to share the deep-rooted skills of Arabs experience and history of blending coffee dating back hundreds of years.
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The excellent coffee we serve is prepared by some of the best baristas in town. The ladies and gentlemen at The Q Lab understand the complexity of coffee and the importance of exceptional Qahwa experience.

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The Brewing methods

Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and coffee brewing tools, you will be able to experience your coffee at a completely different level. The Q Lab will have one of the most sophisticated tools and intelligently designed coffee bars. The coffee bar will be the heart of every Q Lab franchise.

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The Roastery

Dubai is now becoming one of the main centers for coffee trade in the world. Not only do we source our specialty green beans from different parts of the world, our coffees are passionately roasted in our cutting-edge roasting facilities in Dubai by our skilled and SCA certified roasters.